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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Australia Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Australia country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1NAT. BANK FPOSymbol: NAB.AX$ 229.670 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Nine Billion Six Hundred Seventy Million Seven Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Seven
$37.809 billion more than CWLTH BANK FPO
more by 19.71%
Financial Services
#2CWLTH BANK FPOSymbol: CBA.AX$ 191.860 billion
One Hundred Ninety One Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Million Nine Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty
$9.633 billion more than MACQ GROUP FPO
more by 5.29%
Financial Services
#3MACQ GROUP FPOSymbol: MQG.AX$ 182.227 billion
One Hundred Eighty Two Billion Two Hundred Twenty Seven Million Thirty Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Five
$11.849 billion more than WESTPAC FPO
more by 6.95%
Financial Services
#4WESTPAC FPOSymbol: WBC.AX$ 170.377 billion
One Hundred Seventy Billion Three Hundred Seventy Seven Million Six Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$19.961 billion more than MACQINCOME NYR3QUT
more by 13.27%
Financial Services
#5MACQINCOME NYR3QUTSymbol: MBLPC.AX$ 150.416 billion
One Hundred Fifty Billion Four Hundred Sixteen Million One Hundred Ninety One Thousand Two Hundred Seven
$5.056 billion more than ANZ BANK FPO
more by 3.48%
Financial Services
#6ANZ BANK FPOSymbol: ANZ.AX$ 145.360 billion
One Hundred Forty Five Billion Three Hundred Sixty Million One Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Three
$125.778 billion more than AMP FPO
more by 642.33%
Financial Services
#7AMP FPOSymbol: AMP.AX$ 19.581 billion
Nineteen Billion Five Hundred Eighty One Million Five Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Seven
$2.353 billion more than SUNCORP FPO
more by 13.66%
Financial Services
#8SUNCORP FPOSymbol: SUN.AX$ 17.228 billion
Seventeen Billion Two Hundred Twenty Eight Million Two Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Six
$297.273 million more than BHP Group Limited
more by 1.76%
Financial Services
#9BHP Group LimitedSymbol: BHP$ 16.931 billion
Sixteen Billion Nine Hundred Thirty One Million Three Hundred Twenty
$2.583 billion more than BANK QLD FPO
more by 18%
Basic Materials
#10BANK QLD FPOSymbol: BOQ.AX$ 14.347 billion
Fourteen Billion Three Hundred Forty Seven Million Eight Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Four
$1.749 billion more than PEPPERMONE FPO
more by 13.89%
Financial Services
#11PEPPERMONE FPOSymbol: PPM.AX$ 12.597 billion
Twelve Billion Five Hundred Ninety Seven Million Nine Hundred Fifty One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Eight
$479.351 million more than CSL FPO
more by 3.96%
Financial Services
#12CSL FPOSymbol: CSL.AX$ 12.118 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Eighteen Million Five Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$158.535 million more than TRANSURBAN STAPLED
more by 1.33%
#13TRANSURBAN STAPLEDSymbol: TCL.AX$ 11.960 billion
Eleven Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Million Sixty Four Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Two
$1.173 billion more than WOOLWORTHS FPO
more by 10.88%
#14WOOLWORTHS FPOSymbol: WOW.AX$ 10.786 billion
Ten Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Six Million Four Hundred Three Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Eight
$187.814 million more than RESIMAC FPO
more by 1.77%
Consumer Defensive
#15RESIMAC FPOSymbol: RMC.AX$ 10.598 billion
Ten Billion Five Hundred Ninety Eight Million Five Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Thirty Eight
$72.578 million more than SCENTRE STAPLED
more by 0.69%
Financial Services
#16SCENTRE STAPLEDSymbol: SCG.AX$ 10.526 billion
Ten Billion Five Hundred Twenty Six Million Ten Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two
$687.977 million more than TELSTRA CORPORATION LTD SPON AD
more by 6.99%
Real Estate
Nine Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Million Thirty Three Thousand Forty Six
$1.274 billion more than LIBERTY FG STAPLED
more by 14.88%
Communication Services
#18LIBERTY FG STAPLEDSymbol: LFG.AX$ 8.563 billion
Eight Billion Five Hundred Sixty Three Million Eight Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Two Hundred Nineteen
$192.037 million more than BEN ADE BK FPO
more by 2.29%
Financial Services
#19BEN ADE BK FPOSymbol: BEN.AX$ 8.371 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Seventy One Million Eight Hundred Forty Six Thousand Three Hundred Fifteen
$425.435 million more than WESFARMER FPO
more by 5.35%
Financial Services
#20WESFARMER FPOSymbol: WES.AX$ 7.946 billion
Seven Billion Nine Hundred Forty Six Million Four Hundred Ten Thousand Six Hundred Forty
Consumer Cyclical