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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Asia continent Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Asia continent rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextCountry
#1Saudi Arabian Oil Co.Symbol: 2222.SR$ 354.662 billion
Three Hundred Fifty Four Billion Six Hundred Sixty Two Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Seventy One
$233.729 billion more than PetroChina Company Limited
more by 193.27%
Saudi Arabia
#2PetroChina Company LimitedSymbol: PTRCY$ 120.933 billion
One Hundred Twenty Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Nine Hundred
$13.084 billion more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 12.13%
#3INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: IDCBF$ 107.848 billion
One Hundred Seven Billion Eight Hundred Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Eight
more by 0%
#4INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: 601398.SS$ 107.848 billion
One Hundred Seven Billion Eight Hundred Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Eight
$13.021 billion more than CCB
more by 13.73%
#5CCBSymbol: 0939.HK$ 94.826 billion
Ninety Four Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Six Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand One Hundred Twenty Four
$9.114 billion more than SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95
more by 10.63%
#6SAMS.EL.0,5SP.GDRS144A/95Symbol: SSU.F$ 85.712 billion
Eighty Five Billion Seven Hundred Twelve Million Eight Hundred Forty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty
$694.925 million more than JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTD
more by 0.82%
South Korea
#7JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 6178.T$ 85.017 billion
Eighty Five Billion Seventeen Million Nine Hundred Twenty One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Five
$4.308 billion more than AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA
more by 5.34%
#8AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINASymbol: 601288.SS$ 80.709 billion
Eighty Billion Seven Hundred Nine Million Two Hundred Four Thousand Four Hundred Twenty
$3.987 billion more than CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL CORP
more by 5.2%
Seventy Six Billion Seven Hundred Twenty One Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five
$3.689 billion more than BANK OF CHINA
more by 5.05%
#10BANK OF CHINASymbol: 3988.HK$ 73.032 billion
Seventy Three Billion Thirty Two Million Two Hundred Three Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Nine
$11.767 billion more than CHINA MOBILE LTD.
more by 19.21%
#11CHINA MOBILE LTD.Symbol: CTM.F$ 61.264 billion
Sixty One Billion Two Hundred Sixty Four Million Five Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Seven
$5.514 billion more than CITIC LTD.
more by 9.89%
Hong Kong
#12CITIC LTD.Symbol: CPF.F$ 55.749 billion
Fifty Five Billion Seven Hundred Forty Nine Million Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Six
$5.688 billion more than CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTD
more by 11.36%
Hong Kong
#13CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTDSymbol: 600036.SS$ 50.061 billion
Fifty Billion Sixty One Million Six Hundred Two Thousand Four Hundred Forty Eight
$2.043 billion more than PING AN
more by 4.25%
#14PING ANSymbol: 2318.HK$ 48.018 billion
Forty Eight Billion Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Four Hundred Sixty One
$2.374 billion more than Alibaba Group Holding Limited
more by 5.2%
#15Alibaba Group Holding LimitedSymbol: BABA$ 45.643 billion
Forty Five Billion Six Hundred Forty Three Million Six Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Nine
$348.553 million more than Toyota Motor Corporation
more by 0.77%
#16Toyota Motor CorporationSymbol: TM$ 45.295 billion
Forty Five Billion Two Hundred Ninety Five Million One Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Five
$1.279 billion more than Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactur
more by 2.91%
#17Taiwan Semiconductor ManufacturSymbol: TSM$ 44.015 billion
Forty Four Billion Fifteen Million Six Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Seven
$3.382 billion more than MERITZ SECU
more by 8.32%
#18MERITZ SECUSymbol: 008560.KS$ 40.633 billion
Forty Billion Six Hundred Thirty Three Million Ten Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Five
$1.071 billion more than PSBC
more by 2.71%
South Korea
#19PSBCSymbol: 1658.HK$ 39.561 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Five Hundred Sixty One Million Six Hundred Eighty One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Three
$2.175 billion more than YIHAI KERRY ARAW.H
more by 5.82%
#20YIHAI KERRY ARAW.HSymbol: 300999.SZ$ 37.386 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Three Hundred Eighty Six Million One Hundred Fourteen Thousand Twelve