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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Asia Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Asia continent rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextCountry
#1BANK OF JAPAN NPVSymbol: 8301.T$ 925.912 billion
Nine Hundred Twenty Five Billion Nine Hundred Twelve Million Six Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Seven
$143.885 billion more than BANK OF CHINA
more by 18.4%
#2BANK OF CHINASymbol: 3988.HK$ 782.026 billion
Seven Hundred Eighty Two Billion Twenty Six Million Nine Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Two
$87.705 billion more than MITSUBISHI UFJ FINL GRP
more by 12.63%
#3MITSUBISHI UFJ FINL GRPSymbol: MFZ.F$ 694.321 billion
Six Hundred Ninety Four Billion Three Hundred Twenty One Million One Hundred Forty Six Thousand Eleven
$223.381 billion more than AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA
more by 47.43%
#4AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINASymbol: 601288.SS$ 470.940 billion
Four Hundred Seventy Billion Nine Hundred Forty Million One Hundred Fifteen Thousand Seventeen
$38.694 billion more than CCB
more by 8.95%
#5CCBSymbol: 0939.HK$ 432.245 billion
Four Hundred Thirty Two Billion Two Hundred Forty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety One Thousand Seventy Two
$63.207 billion more than BANKCOMM
more by 17.13%
#6BANKCOMMSymbol: 3328.HK$ 369.038 billion
Three Hundred Sixty Nine Billion Thirty Eight Million Eight Hundred Forty Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$33.711 billion more than MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUP
more by 10.05%
#7MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUPSymbol: 8411.T$ 335.327 billion
Three Hundred Thirty Five Billion Three Hundred Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred Ninety One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four
$280.632 million more than SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUP
more by 0.08%
#8SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUPSymbol: 8316.T$ 335.046 billion
Three Hundred Thirty Five Billion Forty Six Million Six Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven
$21.426 billion more than SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BAN
more by 6.83%
#9SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANSymbol: 600000.SS$ 313.620 billion
Three Hundred Thirteen Billion Six Hundred Twenty Million Three Hundred Forty Four Thousand One Hundred Eleven
$13.153 billion more than CITIC LTD.
more by 4.38%
#10CITIC LTD.Symbol: CPF.F$ 300.466 billion
Three Hundred Billion Four Hundred Sixty Six Million Five Hundred Sixty One Thousand Two Hundred Forty Four
$1.802 billion more than Huaneng Power Intl
more by 0.6%
Hong Kong
#11Huaneng Power IntlSymbol: HNPIY$ 298.663 billion
Two Hundred Ninety Eight Billion Six Hundred Sixty Three Million Eight Hundred Seventy Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Four
$36.172 billion more than INDUSTRIAL BANK CO LTD
more by 13.78%
#12INDUSTRIAL BANK CO LTDSymbol: 601166.SS$ 262.491 billion
Two Hundred Sixty Two Billion Four Hundred Ninety One Million Three Hundred Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Six
$15.858 billion more than PING AN
more by 6.43%
#13PING ANSymbol: 2318.HK$ 246.633 billion
Two Hundred Forty Six Billion Six Hundred Thirty Three Million Two Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Two Hundred Seventy
$8.469 billion more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 3.56%
#14INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: 601398.SS$ 238.163 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Eight Billion One Hundred Sixty Three Million Five Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One
more by 0%
#15INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: IDCBF$ 238.163 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Eight Billion One Hundred Sixty Three Million Five Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One
$7.337 billion more than NOMURA HOLDINGS INC.
more by 3.18%
#16NOMURA HOLDINGS INC.Symbol: 8604.T$ 230.825 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Five Million Eight Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Five
$16.096 billion more than CHINA CITIC BANK CORPORATION LT
more by 7.5%
#17CHINA CITIC BANK CORPORATION LTSymbol: 601998.SS$ 214.729 billion
Two Hundred Fourteen Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Eight
$349.318 million more than Toyota Motor Corporation
more by 0.16%
#18Toyota Motor CorporationSymbol: TM$ 214.380 billion
Two Hundred Fourteen Billion Three Hundred Eighty Million Four Hundred Nineteen Thousand Seven Hundred Forty
$26.586 billion more than CHINA MINSHENG BANKING CORP
more by 14.16%
#19CHINA MINSHENG BANKING CORPSymbol: 600016.SS$ 187.794 billion
One Hundred Eighty Seven Billion Seven Hundred Ninety Four Million Thirty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Six
$6.631 billion more than CHINA EVERBRIGHT BANK CO LTD
more by 3.66%
#20CHINA EVERBRIGHT BANK CO LTDSymbol: 601818.SS$ 181.162 billion
One Hundred Eighty One Billion One Hundred Sixty Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Seven Hundred Seven