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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Africa by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Africa continent rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry
#1Naspers Ltd -N-Symbol: NPN.JO$ 35.607 billion
Thirty Five Billion Six Hundred Seven Million Three Hundred Seventy One Thousand Five Hundred Eight
$16.525 billion more than Firstrand Ltd
more by 86.6%
South Africa
#2Firstrand LtdSymbol: FSR.JO$ 19.082 billion
Nineteen Billion Eighty Two Million Two Hundred Nine Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Six
$3.893 billion more than Standard Bank Group Ltd
more by 25.63%
South Africa
#3Standard Bank Group LtdSymbol: SBK.JO$ 15.188 billion
Fifteen Billion One Hundred Eighty Eight Million Seven Hundred Forty Five Thousand Eighty Three
$66.928 million more than ANGLO AMER.PL. SP.ADR 1/6
more by 0.44%
South Africa
#4ANGLO AMER.PL. SP.ADR 1/6Symbol: RPH1.F$ 15.121 billion
Fifteen Billion One Hundred Twenty One Million Eight Hundred Sixteen Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty
$2.668 billion more than MTN Group Ltd
more by 21.43%
South Africa
#5MTN Group LtdSymbol: MTN.JO$ 12.453 billion
Twelve Billion Four Hundred Fifty Three Million Three Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Eighty Four
$1.258 billion more than Vodacom Group Ltd
more by 11.24%
South Africa
#6Vodacom Group LtdSymbol: VOD.JO$ 11.195 billion
Eleven Billion One Hundred Ninety Five Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Five
$669.018 million more than Gold Fields Limited
more by 6.36%
South Africa
#7Gold Fields LimitedSymbol: GFI$ 10.526 billion
Ten Billion Five Hundred Twenty Six Million One Hundred Thirty Thousand One Hundred Seventy Six
$453.330 million more than Capitec Bank Hldgs Ltd
more by 4.5%
South Africa
#8Capitec Bank Hldgs LtdSymbol: CPI.JO$ 10.072 billion
Ten Billion Seventy Two Million Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Two
$1.357 billion more than AngloGold Ashanti Limited
more by 15.57%
South Africa
#9AngloGold Ashanti LimitedSymbol: AU$ 8.715 billion
Eight Billion Seven Hundred Fifteen Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Four
$332.339 million more than MAROC TELECOM
more by 3.96%
South Africa
#10MAROC TELECOMSymbol: IAM.PA$ 8.383 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Eighty Three Million Two Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Nine
$257.996 million more than Sasol Ltd.
more by 3.18%
#11Sasol Ltd.Symbol: SSL$ 8.125 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Twenty Five Million Two Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Four
$72.947 million more than IMPALA PLATINUM HLDGS SPON ADR
more by 0.91%
South Africa
Eight Billion Fifty Two Million Three Hundred Forty Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Four
$34.167 million more than Absa Group Limited
more by 0.43%
South Africa
#13Absa Group LimitedSymbol: ABG.JO$ 8.018 billion
Eight Billion Eighteen Million One Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Five Hundred Thirteen
$131.619 million more than Kumba Iron Ore Ltd
more by 1.67%
South Africa
#14Kumba Iron Ore LtdSymbol: KIO.JO$ 7.886 billion
Seven Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Six Million Five Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy
$1.023 billion more than BID Corporation Ltd
more by 14.92%
South Africa
#15BID Corporation LtdSymbol: BID.JO$ 6.862 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Two Million Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Two
$180.579 million more than SHOPRITE HOLDINGS ADR EACH REPR
more by 2.7%
South Africa
Six Billion Six Hundred Eighty Two Million Three Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Thirty Two
$335.489 million more than Shoprite Holdings Ltd
more by 5.29%
South Africa
#17Shoprite Holdings LtdSymbol: SHP.JO$ 6.346 billion
Six Billion Three Hundred Forty Six Million Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Two
$196.908 million more than Sanlam Limited
more by 3.2%
South Africa
#18Sanlam LimitedSymbol: SLM.JO$ 6.149 billion
Six Billion One Hundred Forty Nine Million Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand Forty Eight
$184.940 million more than D/B/A Sibanye-Stillwater Limite
more by 3.1%
South Africa
#19D/B/A Sibanye-Stillwater LimiteSymbol: SBSW$ 5.965 billion
Five Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Five Million Nine Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$251.167 million more than Nedbank Group Ltd
more by 4.4%
South Africa
#20Nedbank Group LtdSymbol: NED.JO$ 5.713 billion
Five Billion Seven Hundred Thirteen Million Eight Hundred Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Nine
South Africa